More than just Ministry…

I have been a Stage Manager for over 5 years now. I cannot remember exactly the date when I started volunteering for our church as a Stage Manager, but I certainly remember all the hardships, the stress, and the headaches, I have given to my superiors and  the people under me.

This is a recollection of what I can still remember. I started as a Stage Manager back when I was still a fresh Christian. I was going through discipleship with one of the Pastors of our church when he endorsed me to participate as a volunteer for our church. I was graduating that time from college and my degree is pretty much aligned with Stage Managing skills (since I took up Broadcast Communications). I am pretty much aware of how things done, but I kid you not, it wasn’t easy. I started volunteering where there only 4 Stage Managers I know, while there are 7 services that needs to be covered. I have experienced being on church the whole day that my relationship with my mother has somehow affected my activities in church.

Being a Stage Manager allows your OCD to become useful and your communication skills is being tested as well. As an ambivert, I am more leaning forward to introvertism and communicating what I want and what I need is a bit challenging for me. But through the years of training, coaching and prayer, people around me where able to raise me up as a leader, a communicator, and impart what I know from start to finish.

God has been faithful to our ministry that it has grown from a small scale of volunteers to an even larger scale of volunteers whose hearts are really an overflow of their love to serve Christ and His church. 

This year, not only does our ministry is blessed, but my team as well. There are people who came and go, but still, I am in awe of how many volunteers are now involved in my team alone [insert teary-eyed emoji here]. 

Taken last December 29, 2016 during our Post-Christmas Party

Taken last March 26, 2017 after the last full show of Beauty and the Beast

Taken after 6PM service last Sunday

I don’t know how, but I guess it was never my strength who made this team grow. We’re more than just a ministry, we are a family bonded together with common interest: to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His church…and of course commonalities like we love to eat and watch movies!

Overall, we watch over each other’s Spiritual walk, uplift our Spirits together in honoring God and keeping Jesus as center of our team and the gift of friendship; a gift God Himself orchestrated for us.

So for those who are asking, why are we so clingy? Because this is not just a ministry…it’s a family.