See, Feel, Think

“Surrender it to the Lord…”

“Pray for what you’re feeling and give it to Jesus…”

I think most of us would agree at some point, it is easier said than done and without being in that situation, we tend to give advices or practical ways how to cope up with lost, with pain, with letting go, even unforgiveness.

Us, being a sounding board, sometimes overlooks how a person sees, how a person feel, how a person think about the situation, and sadly we neglect those three things I have mentioned.

First, (SEE) we tend to overlook that it’s different from how we perceive things from the one who is experiencing it.

Second, (FEEL) we can never tell the gravity or the magnitude of how the person is feeling. We cannot speak for his/her behalf, because that is not our emotions to command.

Third, (THINK) laying it at Jesus’ feet is not our obligation. How fast you can move on from the situation may not be the same for some, and remember to think about how he/she can work at his/her own pace or speed of giving it up and laying it at Jesus’ feet. You cannot force someone to do something they are not yet ready to do.

Whatever they might be going through, rushing them might result to a greater injury.

We’re Christians, but sometimes genuine care gets lost, the Agape gets lost, and the emotional connectedness gets lost. We’re Christians, but we’re losing empathy. We’re Christians, but we’re losing Christ-likeness.

Is this how we want to display Christ when emotional turmoil arises? Before you speak, place yourselves in their shoes and see, feel, think were are they coming from, then you’ll know it wasn’t easy from their standpoint.

God works differently in us, but all works out for His glory.


Speck or Log?

Maybe human beings are like that. We’re too busy scrutinizing the bad in others that we lose focus of what’s good in them. We’re hounding for errors in them rather than encouraging them of their strengths. It is said that we are a good judge when we see others fault, and a good attorney when defending our own.

Jesus said Himself: “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye” in Matthew 7:3-4. 

You may or may not read the second paragraph, but let’s be realistic. When was the last time you find the good in others despite of the bad emanating in their lives? Think about it.

Photo credits to The Brick Testament